Revealing custom fat tire V-Rod build to an old friend

 The tuned exhaust is a work of art Beautiful work. Not sure my back could tolerate feet forward and reaching for the bars like that. But damn it looks so good. Look forward to more Art and mechanics coming together. One of the sweetest bikes Ive ever seen. Never been a big Harley fan but that bike is stunning. Watching this video totally renewed my love for the VRod... Awesome build man wow thats a sick bike.  I love the design of the rear. This is a jewel.  Great creation Man. Outstanding work 
Love that big rear  Incredible DESIGNED  WELL DONE  PERFECT FINISHING So proud for you Devin  My bike on roids  You are killin it bro Now that is a beauty. Good job DD Custom This is truly a beautiful thing  Cool fact of the day Those titanium pipes can be made andor purchased as a complete tube the welds are added for aesthetic reasons only. But damn they look good. Simply the most beautiful bike ive ever seen. Put decals on it but make sure mfers know it's from you LOL  best line from a friend to a friend. Looks awesome A few stats would be nice? Would have been nice to hear the bike on the road instead of the music. pikno  Wow that is a stunning bike