DIY Electric Bike 65km/h Using 1500W E-Bike Conversion Kit

 Amazing build. Impressed by your attention to detail. This is a professional Job where all aspects have been brilliantly executed. This video took me on a walk down memory lane when i built my first ebike from scratch 2 years ago. Thanks a lot. Also if i may offer a few suggestions. 1. At Speeds exceeding 40 kmph please make sure that your front wheel is double rimmed and rated for 50 kph. 2. As 0.15 8 mm nickel strips have been used it would be better to double up the nickel on the battery positive and negatives. 3. I lost my first battery back 10s6p due to non implementation of individual battery fusing. One cell went bad and took the rest in parallel with it.  Great work your video inspired me to upgrade from 36 kph to at least 60 kph. Obra prima este vdeo Parabns  41MPH isn't too shabby Great job on intricately detailing every little thing on this amazing bike FANTSTICO MUITO SHOW DE BOLA SENSACIONAL... Not only is this guy really good in electronics hes a bicycle mechanic . This isn't DIY it's professional.   I'm impressed. its sooo peaceful to watch him work with such precision like a pro and with lot of patients Quality parts with a methodical build make for a great experience. Thank you You've inspired me to build my own ebike. I am speechlessNot even a single word spoken and such a great video with full information needed to build a ebike Hats off to you man. This is awesome man Can't wait to try and do it for myself What kind of wattage readings were you getting from the modified battery? Crazy the BT also tracks AH You provide such great material to your viewers. I appreciate all of your hard work. I truly appreciate it Really awesome video with details step by step guides. You will never have a chance to get someone proffesional to teach you steps by steps without paying some fee. And Donny did it. Awesome OMG Muito bom Gostei... velocidade mxima no asfalto Parece ir longe sem comentar que a bateria acaba e precisa de local pra carregar e detalhe precisa carregar o carregador junto.  Mas  timo. Parabns. We need more people like you great work Very well done great knowledge craftsmanship and execution both in the build and the video. You inspired me  I pride myself in being a DIYer  I watched this video in its entirety twice.  I then went online and bought an EBike  No way I could match your skill I'm not sure what intrigued me about this but ...What an amazing video I very rarely comment on any YouTube video but this was 30 minutes of silence and extremely good viewing. I didn't even fast forward I only paused to see exactly what you had done Not that I know  Very well edited. You must be very pleased with what you have achieved and the positive feedback in the comments .  Thought about converting my bike myself but not sure I have the patience it takes. Beautiful work.